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The U.S. History & Geography Center is a year long, weekly review of the United States, including people, places and events that make America the country it is today.
34 page color flip chart
Black line master of student response sheet
Answer key
Measures 19 inches wide and 13 inches high
Provides up to 34 weeks of review
  • Name the state/country.
  • Name the capital.
  • Name the primary industry.
  • Name the primary agriculture.
  • What is the area's nickname?
  • What time zone is the area in?
  • What is the state's or country's abbreviation?
  • Which country (countries) has claimed this area in the past?
  • How did the state become a part of the United States of America?
  • Draw a picture of the state's/country's flag.
  • List three reasons for the item listed.
  • List two positive effects that occurred.
  • List two negative effects that occurred.
  • What did the explorer/inventor discover?
  • List two reasons the discovery was important to American Civilization.
  • Name the physical feature in North America.
  • In which state/country is it located?
  • Name the president.
  • Name two events that occurred during the presidency.
  • Name the years the president served.
  • Explain the American custom, folklore or tradition.
  • How does this make America unique today?
  • What was this person's contribution to American Life as we know it?
  • List two reasons the contribution is important to American Civilization.
  • Name the national landmark/park.
  • In which state/district is it located?
  • Name the group that settled in the United States.
  • Provide an approximate date when the settlement of the group was at its highest.
  • From what country/region did this group originate?
  • How did this group travel?
  • What made the group move from their homeland and settle in the United States?
  • What influence did the group have on their destination today?
  • Name the settlement.
  • What features influenced this settlement?
  • Is this settlement still viable today?
  • What may have caused its population increase/decrease?
  • List in chronological order.
  • List the three in order of importance.
  • What criteria did you base your reasoning on?
  • List the approximate dates for all three of the items listed above.
  • Essay Question. Answer the question completely and comprehensively.
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