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This center is a fun-filled exploration of matter for all ages!

This center is designed to help you effectively teach your science curriculum. We have made this center flexible enough that it will fit into your classroom in many ways! We can think of three different ways to use this center. We know you may think of others, but below are some listed suggestions.

1. Use this center with a differentiated approach of learning. Include this center as a part of a "center time". The student may have time at this center and select one activity to complete.

2. You may use this center during your designated science time. You may do one or all of the activities listed on the page together as a class. A few of the experiments in this center require whole-class involvement.

3. This center can be used during unstructured time. If there is a time where students are finished with assigned course work and need something extra and engaging to do, this center is a perfect fit. Encourage your students to complete one or two activities a week!

We feel that a science notebook would work well with this center. All the activities should be student centered and student motivated. Most activities include many questions that need to be answered. We tried to include many experiences with language and math to show how science reaches most disciplines.

Included are also some fun and simple science labs that require few materials. These labs have been included in the learning of matter for years and are in the realm of common thought, therefore there is no reference to a source for these labs. Many different versions of these labs can be found online. We felt it would be helpful to have many of them in one center.

There will be an Experiment! label followed by the Materials Needed in purple. Most of these materials are found in the classroom and require very little preparation but illustrate the concept we are trying to cover in an engaging hands-on manner.

Have fun and enjoy this center as much as we know your class will!

32 pages of science activities and experiments.
Measures 19 inches wide and 13 inches high
  • Definition of Matter
  • Classification of Matter
  • Living and Non-Living Matter
  • Solid, Liquid, and Gas Matter
  • Changing Matter
  • Complex Matter
  • Sinking or Floating Matter
  • Moving Matter
  • Simple Machines Moving Matter
  • The Water Cycle
  • Matter and Sound
  • Small Matter
  • Atoms, Elements, and Molecules
  • Energy Transfer through Matter
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