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There is something for everyone but most activities can be completed by students with little help, grades K-3.

Concepts Covered: Civics and Government--KSSI.a, KSSI.b, Geography--KSS2, KSS2.b, KSS2.c, KSS2.d, KSS2.e, KSS2.f, Individual, Culture, and Society-- KSS4.a, KSS4.b, KSS4.c, Economics--KSS6.b

The worksheets can be printed or sent digitally to your students to enhance their distance learning experience.

A 16 page PDF file will be attached to your order email.
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"So far my class LOVES it!!! I am so glad I discovered that it is online, I like it much better than the cut outs. Thanks!"
-Maggie Wright