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4th Gr. Mountain Math Kit
4th Gr. Mountain Math Kit
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 • Identify, read, and write given numerals.
 • Round numbers to the nearest tens, hundreds, thousands, or ten thousands place.
 • Add and subtract numbers with regrouping.
 • Identify the place value of a digit by its position.
 • Demonstrate place value using expanded notation.
 • Identify even and odd numbers.
 • Identify, read, and write given numerals in standard form.
 • Identify the place value of a digit by its position.
 • Addition skills.
 • Demonstrate place value using expanded notation.
 • Addition skills.
 • Identify the place value of a digit by its position.
 • Order numbers from least to greatest.
 • Add numbers with regrouping.
 • Estimate sum of three numbers.
 • Compare and order decimals.
 • Identify fractional quantities.
 • Add and subtract decimals.
 • Measure to solve problems involving temperature.
 • Add and subtract fractions with like denominators and unlike denominators.
 • Identify parts of a fraction as numerator and denominator.
 • Reduce fractions to lowest terms.
 • Reduce fractions to lowest terms.
 • Change improper fractions to mixed numbers or whole numbers.
 • Recognize the Associative and Commutative Properties.
 • Recognize that multiplication and division are inverse operations.
 • Recognize that addition and subtraction are inverse operations.
 • Recognize algebraic expression.
 • Add and subtract with regrouping.
 • Identify the place value of a digit by its position given in whole numbers and decimals.
 • Demonstrate knowledge of patterning.
 • Multiply two-digit, three-digit or four-digit numbers by a one-digit or two digit multiplier with regrouping.
 • Demonstrate knowledge of the basic multiplication facts through 9 x 9.
 • Compute a two-digit quotient using a one-digit divisor.
 • Demonstrate knowledge of the basic division facts through 819.
  Compare whole numbers, decimals, and fractions using symbols greater than (>), less than (<), or equal to (=).
 • Estimate and measure weight and capacity.
 • Identify right, obtuse, and acute angles.
 • Use translations, reflections, and rotations to verify that two shapes are congruent.
 • Compute the area of a shape in square units.
 • Multiplication skills.
 • Compute the perimeter of a geometric figure.
 • Addition and subtraction skills.
 • Measure time in hour, half hour, quarter hour, five-minute, and one-minute intervals.
 • Identify the positive whole number factors of a number.
 • Patterns and relationships.
 • Determine the value of combinations of coins and bills.
 • Read, write, add, and subtract monetary amounts.
1. 4.2ab
2. 4.2c
3. 4.2f
4. 4.2g, 4.3g
5. 4.2eh
6. 4.3e, 4.3a
7. 4.3b
8. 4.3cdef
9. 4.4a
10. 4.4a, 4.3b
11. 4.4c
12. 4.4defh, 4.5a
13. 4.5b
14. 4.5b
15. 4.5b
16. 4.2a
17. 4.5d
18. 4.6ce, 4.7c
19. 4.6abcd
20. 4.8bc, 4.5b
21. 4.8c
22. 4.9ab
Our Mountain Math Kits are colorful, year-round, supplemental, spiral review programs. Mountain Math reviews the concepts taught at each specific grade level. Mountain Math allows you to review and preview concepts on a weekly basis or more often if you prefer. Mountain Math kits include enough concept cards to provide adequate review throughout the year. The concept cards are printed on the highest quality card stock available. Instructions and concept sheets are also included. more...
  • General instructions
  • Math problem cards
  • Black line master of student response sheet in English & Spanish
  • A list of concepts reviewed under each grade level
  • Set of numbers
  • Order form
  • An example bulletin board photo is provided on the cover sheet.
  • Provides a full year of review
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"I purchased the Mountain Math for my classroom. It works great and I love it!"
-Ericka Lang
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