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2nd Gr. Mountain Math Kit
2nd Gr. Mountain Math Kit
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 • Standard, word, and expanded form to represent numbers up to 1,200
 • Compose and decompose numbers up to 1,200
 • Generate numbers greater than, less than, or equal to given whole numbers up to 1,200
 • Locate position of numbers on open number line
  Compare and order whole numbers up to 1,200 using < > =.
 • Identify examples of halves, fourths, and eighths.
 • Solve one-step and multi-step word problems involving addition and subtraction within 1,000.
 • Addition and subtraction within 20
 • Multiplication and division arrays
 • Add four two-digit numbers and subtract two- digit numbers
 • Even or Odd
 • Place Value
 • Two and three-dimensional shapes
 • Classify polygons
 • Estimating lengths of objects
 • Read and write time to nearest one-minute increment using analog and digital clocks
 • Distinguish between a.m. and p.m.
 • Money
 • Data analysis from graphs
1. 2.2ABC, 2.7B
2. 2.2A
3. 2.2EF, 2.9C
4. 2.2D
5. 2.4A
6. 2.4B
7. 2.6A, 2.7A, 2.9F
8. 2.6B, 2.9F
9. 2.7C, 2.4CD
10. 2.9ABCD
11. 2.9E
12. 2.9G
13. 2.10ABCD
14. 2.8ABC
15. 2.3ABCD
16. 2.5AB
Our Mountain Math Kits are colorful, year-round, supplemental, spiral review programs. Mountain Math reviews the concepts taught at each specific grade level. Mountain Math allows you to review and preview concepts on a weekly basis or more often if you prefer. Mountain Math kits include enough concept cards to provide adequate review throughout the year. The concept cards are printed on the highest quality card stock available. Instructions and concept sheets are also included. more...
  • General instructions
  • Math problem cards
  • Black line master of student response sheet in English & Spanish
  • A list of concepts reviewed under each grade level
  • Set of numbers
  • Order form
  • An example bulletin board photo is provided on the cover sheet.
  • Provides a full year of review
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"I wanted to let you know how awesome my 4th graders think Mountain Science is. We already use Mountain Language and Mountain Math and I think they are fantastic. I signed up for the free trial during the last 2 weeks of school and they were begging to go online and try it out. Even on the last day of school, when they had time to visit and talk with friends before summer break, I had to set the timer so they'd all get "one last chance" to see how far they could go. I even aligned it with our 4th grade Sunshine State Standards to prove to my principal and the other 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teachers how beneficial it would be. Thank you."
-Janeen Gibson
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