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2nd Gr. Mountain Math Kit
2nd Gr. Mountain Math Kit
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1. •  Identify, read, and write any given numeral.
 • Identify odd and even numbers.
 • Addition and subtraction.
 • Identify the place value of a digit by its position in the ones, tens, or hundreds place.
 • Demonstrate place value using expanded notation.
2. •  Identify, read, and write any given numeral in standard form.
3. •  Demonstrate place value using expanded notation, e.g. 999 = 900 + 90 + 9
 • Addition.
4. •  Demonstrate place value, e.g. 999 = 9 hundreds + 9 tens + 9 ones.
 • Addition.
5. •  Identify the place value of a digit by its position in the ones, tens or hundreds place.
6. •  Demonstrate knowledge of single digit addition facts.
 • Demonstrate knowledge of subtraction facts.
 • Demonstrate that addition and subtraction are inverse operations.
7. •  Measure time in hour, half-hour, and five-minute intervals.
8. •  Identify patterns in a table or list.
9. •  Count and order numbers by ones, twos, threes, and fives.
 • Recognize patterning.
10. •  Identify and read the symbols 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, and 1/10 as names for some fractions.
11. •  Read markings of a ruler using inches.
12. •  Read markings of a ruler using centimeters.
13. •  Recognize the Associative Property of Addition.
 • Recognize the Commutative Property of Addition.
 • Identify a missing addend.
 • Recognize algebraic expression.
  14. Compare any two numbers using the symbols greater than (>), less than (<), and equal to (=).
15. •  Demonstrate knowledge of single digit addition facts by solving for n.
 • Demonstrate knowledge of subtraction facts by solving for n.
 • Recognize algebraic expression.
16. •  Add three-digit numbers without regrouping.
 • Subtract three-digit numbers without regrouping.
 • Add and subtract two-digit numbers with regrouping.
17. •  Identify spheres, cubes, cylinders, cones, and rectangular prisms with physical objects that are found in the students' environment.
18. •  Use data to describe events as more likely, less likely or equally likely.
19. •  Recognize that multiplication can be repeated addition.
 • Demonstrate knowledge of the basic multiplication facts.
20. •  Recognize that multiplication can be repeated addition.
 • Demonstrate knowledge of the basic multiplication facts.
 • Arrays.
21. •  Recognize the operational symbols for division.
 • Perform division using the basic division facts.
 • Arrays.
22. •  Solve problems involving length, area, temperature and time.
23. •  Describe data, answer questions, and draw conclusions based on data representation.
24. •  Determine the value combinations of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and half-dollars to $1.00.
Our Mountain Math Kits are colorful, year-round, supplemental, spiral review programs. Mountain Math reviews the concepts taught at each specific grade level. Mountain Math allows you to review and preview concepts on a weekly basis or more often if you prefer. Mountain Math kits include enough concept cards to provide adequate review throughout the year. The concept cards are printed on the highest quality card stock available. Instructions and concept sheets are also included. more...
  • General instructions
  • Math problem cards
  • Black line master of student response sheet in English & Spanish
  • A list of concepts reviewed under each grade level
  • Set of numbers
  • Order form
  • An example bulletin board photo is provided on the cover sheet.
  • Provides a full year of review
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"Mountain Math brings your math skills up. I wouldn't have done so well in math if we were not working on Mountain Math. Mountain Math sure did help me a lot. It kind of brought my math grade up. The first day of Mountain Math I didn't know what to do, but after a few days I knew a lot about Mountain Math. Thank you for the great stuff you send my teacher, because it sure did help our class."
-Sara Tucker

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