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6th Gr. Mountain Math Center
6th Gr. Mountain Math Center
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1. •  Identify, read, and write given numerals.
 • Round numbers to the nearest thousands, ten thousands, tenth, or hundredth place.
 • Add and subtract numbers with regrouping.
 • Demonstrate place value using expanded notation.
 • Demonstrate that the place value of digits to the left of the decimal point increase by powers of ten, while the place value of digits to the right of the decimal point decreases by powers of ten.
 • Identify the place value of a digit by its position in a given number.
2. •  Identify, read, and write a given numeral or decimal in standard form.
3. •  Demonstrate place value using expanded notation.
 • Demonstrate place value using scientific notation.
 • Addition and multiplication skills.
4. •  Patterns, relationships, and algebraic thinking.
5. •  Estimate and compute products or quotients using one-digit through three-digit factors or divisors.
6. •  Solve problems involving time.
7. •  Write improper fractions in the form of mixed numerals or whole numerals.
 • Reduce fractions to lowest terms.
 • Change numbers to improper fractions.
8. •  Use multiplication or division to solve problems.
9. •  Identify multiples of given numbers.
 • Identify the Least Common Multiple of given numbers.
 • Identify common multiples of given numbers.
10. •  Properties: Additive Inverse, Additive Identity, Multiplicative Inverse, Multiplicative Identity, Commutative Property of Addition and Multiplication, Associative Property of Addition and Multiplication, and the Distributive Property.
 • Addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills.
 • Recognize algebraic expression.
11. •  Add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators.
 • Multiply fractions, mixed numbers, and whole numbers in various combinations and reduce to lowest terms.
 • Divide mixed numbers and write in simplest form.
 • Divide proper fractions and write in simplest form.
12. •  Identify relationships involving angles in triangles and quadrilaterals.
13. •  Use ratios to make predictions in proportional situations.
14. •  Use addition or subtraction to solve problems involving fractions.
15. •  Determine the percentage of a given number.
16. •  Define the term prime number.
 • Identify factors of given numbers.
 • Identify the Greatest Common Factor of given numbers.
 • Identify common factors of given numbers.
17. •  Compare decimals, fractions, mixed, and whole numbers.
18. •  Write percents in rational form and decimal form.
19. •  Recognize prime numbers and composite numbers.
 • Write the prime factorization of a given number using exponents.
20. •  Add and subtract numbers up to three decimal places.
 • Multiply and divide numbers up to three decimal places.
21. •  Finding central tendencies: range, mean, median, and mode.
22. •  Use integers to represent real-life situations.
23. •  Estimate measurements and evaluate reasonableness of results.
24. •  Relationships between radius, diameter, and circumference of a circle.
Mountain Math Centers are colorful, year-round, and reusable flip books. Mountain Math is a program which is based on the concepts taught at each grade level. Each grade's center focuses on that grade level's concepts. Mountain Math allows you to review and preview concepts on a weekly basis or more often if you prefer. Mountain Math centers include enough pages to provide adequate review throughout the year. Instructions and concept sheets are also included. more...
  • 34 page color flip chart
  • Instructions
  • Black line master of student response sheet
  • Answer key
  • Measures 19 inches wide and 13 inches high
  • Provides up to 34 weeks of review
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"My class and I started using your program this morning. Needless to say we are in love with it! I will be requesting funds from my administration to purchase both the Mountain Math and Mountain Language Arts."
-Beth Chiasson
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