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The Spelling Center is custom printed with spelling word sets that you choose. You will need to submit a list of your spelling words before this item can be shipped.

Prepaid Orders and POs: If you or your school already ordered a Spelling Center. Click here to submit your word lists.
Up to 35 page color flip chart with custom spelling words
Measures 19 inches wide and 13 inches high
  • Students study and retain the weekly spelling list by completing daily activities.
Is projected onto an interactive white board, creating a virtual board. It can be viewed by the entire classroom. Answers can be displayed onto the board at the click of a button. Up to seven questions can be isolated and magnified.

Is organized on a 13"x19" flip chart. It can be viewed by 5-6 students at a time. It was designed for small group review, such as rotations, scoots, centers, or math-around-the-classroom. It has an answer key, heavy-duty stand, and high-gauged coil.

It is designed for total classroom view. It hangs on bulletin boards, walls, white boards, pocket charts, and science display boards. Once hung, it can remain displayed for the entire year. The cards can be interchanged, creating flexible and adjustable DAILY REVIEW.
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What teachers are saying about Mountain Math and Mountain Language:

"Four years ago, I received the 1990 version of Mountain Language and the 1991 version of Mountain Math from a teacher who moved to a higher grade. I have used them with my sixth grade students every year with much success. The worksheets are given to the students on Monday morning, and they have until Thursday afternoon to complete them. Most of the work is done when students have extra time following regular assignments, and the work must be done in class (never at home). On Thursday evening, I grade the Mountain Language and go over the papers with the students on Friday. If any part of the example is not correct (a missing comma, a misspelled word, etc.), the entire example is marked wrong. In the beginning of the year, most students fail, but, by January, most students miss only one or two. The program is a great review tool, but it also provides opportunities to introduce new concepts. Recently, our administrators encouraged all faculty members to consider purchasing Mountain Language because my students' standardized test scores are consistently high, an achievement I attribute largely to this great teaching strategy."
-Sandra Montgomery