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The Dare to Compare Center is designed to challenge students and demonstrate relationships between fractions, decimals, and percentages.
34 page color flip chart
3 flaps on each page allow for thousands of combinations
Black line master of student response sheet
Measures 19 inches wide and 13 inches high
Provides a full year of review
  • Convert to fractions.
  • Order least to greatest.
  • Convert to decimals.
  • Label numbers on a number line.
  • Convert to percentages.
  • Round to nearest whole number
  • Estimate the answer.
  • Write and solve a story problem.
Is projected onto an interactive white board, creating a virtual board. It can be viewed by the entire classroom. Answers can be displayed onto the board at the click of a button. Up to seven questions can be isolated and magnified.

Is organized on a 13"x19" flip chart. It can be viewed by 5-6 students at a time. It was designed for small group review, such as rotations, scoots, centers, or math-around-the-classroom. It has an answer key, heavy-duty stand, and high-gauged coil.

It is designed for total classroom view. It hangs on bulletin boards, walls, white boards, pocket charts, and science display boards. Once hung, it can remain displayed for the entire year. The cards can be interchanged, creating flexible and adjustable DAILY REVIEW.
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What teachers are saying about Mountain Math and Mountain Language:

"I loved the product. I showed it to my school administrators and encouraged them to look into this. I used my personal math and science bonus money to purchase the bulletin board math kit. It arrived a few days ago. I had to use math and science bonus math so I purchased the math kit. I know it is going to work great in August. I only have 26 days left that year YAHOO oh my I didn't mean to let that slip that out. :) Thanks for checking on me and Thanks SO MUCH for making such a wonderful product. I intend to sing its praises from the rooftop."
Rebecca Jordan